How We Work

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process we follow while executing our construction and renovation projects. We ensure due diligence every step of the way and leave nothing to chance. This way, the end result is always to your satisfaction!

Step 1

Raise a Request

Raise a request with our representatives. They will ask you a few questions to get more details on the project and arrange for you to meet with our consultants.

Step 2

Meet Our Consultants

Our consultants will speak to you and get an in-depth idea of the project. They will help you select the right package and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

Documentation Check

We will conduct a thorough check of all site-related documents and verify them from our end. If the documents need to be updated or if any corrections need to be made, we assist you with the same — so everything is sorted out!

Step 4

Site Visit With Our Engineer

Our engineers visit the site and conduct a thorough inspection of the size and dimensions of the land. They collect detailed inputs from you about the type, size, and profile of the villa you intend to construct.

Step 5

Receive Proposed Floor Plans & Elevations

Our architects draw up detailed designs of floor plans and elevations and work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with them.

Step 6

Advance Payment for Liasoning & Licences

The project is good to go! At this stage, you make an advance payment for liasoning and obtaining the required licences from various authorities.

Step 7

Start Civil Work at the Site

The work begins at the site! Our team begins the construction phase by phase, paying attention to detail as they help bring your dreams into reality.

Step 8

Track Progress as Per Schedule

Our project management team tracks the progress and monitors the work being done at the site with regular visits to ensure everything goes as planned.

Step 9

Payments Based on Invoice Submission

We share the invoices with you as and when each phase of the work is complete.

Step 10

Completion Report

At the end of the project, we share a completion report and completion certificate from the City Corporation.

Step 11

Project Handover & Final Payments

And finally, we hand over the keys to you! Any final payments to be completed are done at this stage.

That’s it! In just 11 steps, you have your dream home built and ready to move into!